Be Selfish!

” I think we best contribute to society not in spite of the self, but in pursuit of the self. Let’s not play the game of the martyr who is selfless, but who meanwhile thrives on the admiration and respect he gets for this behavior. Let’s admittedly be selfish instead of secretly selfish, and use our selfishness as a means to selflessness! Following your own inner feelings will lead you to either develop computer systems, like Bill Gates, or to tend to lost souls as did Mother Theresa. Both were entirely selfish. She did what she for selfish reasons and that’s why she was so good at it.” – – Mike Dooley



About maureenjarrett

Hi, My name is Mo and I LOVE Flowers! Sending people uplifting messages is also my passion. So I combined the two in a daily "Blissful Bouquet". I hope you find them a great way to start the day! I am also on Facebook at:
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