Statues/Lottery Winners

“They don’t build statues for lottery winners”  — Johnny Waite CIMG0037

I met Johnny this weekend at “Train the Trainer” He was the featured speaker at our dinner. AWESOME Speaker!! This quote came from the idea that we’ve been sold a bill of goods that “easy” is good! But “easy” is not going to bring anything new! Say YES to hard or difficult! Stretch yourself! The rewards are phenomenal!!
ps Happy Birthday Johnny!



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Hi, My name is Mo and I LOVE Flowers! Sending people uplifting messages is also my passion. So I combined the two in a daily "Blissful Bouquet". I hope you find them a great way to start the day! I am also on Facebook at:
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1 Response to Statues/Lottery Winners

  1. Johnny Waite says:

    Awesome! Thank you 😀

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