Now, contrary to a popular belief – you can’t work on a relationship. A relationship is nothing more than the dynamic between two people: if both parties are dysfunctional, the relationship will be dysfunctional. And if both people are healthy, the relationship will be healthy.

So, what can you do? All you can work on is yourself. And, working on yourself in a relationship is the only way to insure you are going to be okay. You can not look to the other person to do it for you. (No one simply has the energy to make you feel good all the time.)         –  –  – Chandra Alexander



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Hi, My name is Mo and I LOVE Flowers! Sending people uplifting messages is also my passion. So I combined the two in a daily "Blissful Bouquet". I hope you find them a great way to start the day! I am also on Facebook at:
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